Sight Word Lapbook

It has been a very long school year for us.
We have taken a break from lapbooking lately and I tried to get my children back into the groove and so far it isn’t happening.
But, My daughter and I have a ongoing “Lapbook” we have been working on for sometime and it’s part of her school work or curriculum.
It’s her Sight Word Lapbook.
We took a 3 prong folder and added 26 sheet protectors, 26 sheets of colored card stock and some flip flaps in the back for activities.
I thought this book would be a 2 month project for her well, us but it has turned out that I believe we will be coming back to this lapbook again and again even into her next school year which is a good thing right?
This picture below is the Cover: We made this on Microsoft word and then laminated
it with packaging tape.
This picture below is one of the 26 pages, as you can see it’s the letter A.
I am uncertain where now we found the letters in the center of the page but, I know we did a search.
For the sight words we found those at
The worksheets to the left there we are using are from
We are also using pictures from to make a picture book. (coming later).

This is just another page in the book so you could see what we have on the back page of letter A.
We have short A and pictures and long A.
Some pictures to go along with it.
To the right you can see letter B and sight words.
Below is just another page of 26 letters on the back of the consonant letters
we are trying to put something interesting such as Five Little Monkey’s for the Letter M.
On the back of letter T we have Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
So we are trying to include a nursery rhyme, finger play, song, poem, or a fable.

This is at the end of her 26 pages.
We added flaps so that we could include a activity or something to go along with each letter of the alphabet if possible.
For A she has a apron she can color, A baker fingerpuppet for B, in the pockets are supposed to be her flashcards for the letters and in the other is her Ant cycle. We don’t have all the flaps filled in yet that is why I do believe this will be another year book.
Here in the picture below you can see the flaps more clearly and
how we can add more activities back here.
Which is also the end of her Sight Word Lapbook.

Our 4 year old daughter this year has learned these letters
and we have made these lapbooks to go along with the letters. (which you can find in our archives).
Right now we are on a stand still but, we will pick back up again.
Short A-Ant Lapbook
Long A-Ape Lapbook
Letter A in general-Adam and Eve Lapbook
Also, Addition Lapbook
Letter B-Bible Lapbook
Letter T- Ten Commandments Lapbook
Letter M-Money Lapbook (the piggy bank on front)
Letter R-I Stink Lapbook (recycle)
Also, her Reading Lapbook
Short E-Elections Lapbook
Long E-Eagles Lapbook
Letter S-Subtraction Lapbook
Also, Her Sight Word Lapbook
Letter N-Noah Lapbook (she wants to make a new one of this one)
Letter D-Daniel Lapbook
Letter P-Penguin Lapbook
Short I-No Lapbook for this one yet
Long I-No Lapbook for this one yet
Letter L-Little House in the Big Woods (we tied this one in by accident)
Letter K- No Lapbook for this one yet
Letter F-No Lapbook for this one yet
Letter C-Creation Lapbooks
Letter H- No Lapbook for this one yet

Those are the letters and lapbooks we have made so far that went along with her letters this year.
I was thinking of making this Alphabet Lapbook with my daughter in the near future.

Please come back and visit soon we should have more letters done here by the end of the school year and maybe another lapbook or two.


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