R-A-I-N-B-O-W Lapbook (Los Arco Iris)

Hi Folks!
My 4 year old daughter and I finished her Rainbow Lapbook Today.
First I want to Thank the ladies who had their Rainbow lapbooks up and done it really helped my daughter and myself.
Our first Rainbow Lapbook failed completely and once she saw a rainbow then she really took a interest so ours is really late getting up here but, Thankful we did do it.
This is the cover of the Lapbook.
She wrote the word Rainbow and I wrote “The Rainbow” in Spanish.
We found this picture for our cover http://www.akidsheart.com/flash3/bible/narkcraft.pdf
Or Visit this ladies Website for other Pages:
When you open up her lapbook you see umbrellas there.
I found a coloring page and my 17yo son edited it for us so we could have 7 little ones.
On the front they are colored and she wrote the color word and on the back mom wrote the spanish word for each color, our children are learning spanish we actually have been trying to learn for some time now.
There on the right The ROYGBIV we got from here:
What we did though when you open it all the way which I should have shown you we I made, I had her color the squares on the left and then on the right she has a velcro color match game.
I made the squares in paint for the match game. (which you can kind of see hanging out there).
Below that is a template we got from here:
We wrote in it how a Rainbow is made.

When you open this half you see A Rainbow of Colors pages one on the left flap and one on the right those are from:
My daughter really loves the songs (our boys did too actually).
In the center is The Color Wheel from here:
Below that is our Complementary flowers and Sir Isaac Newton info. which we got from here Lapbooklessons (valerie):
My daughter pasted a blue piece of felt she said that was her favorite color that it’s in the rainbow and if pink would have been in there it would have been that instead.

To the left is the Color Song book again from:
Then on the right flap there is a rainbow I drew for my daughter and wrote Los Arco Iris.
Below that is a Mini Book Pocket from:
I just edited it in paint for it to say Mini books which again I should have shown you, we have two mini books in there one Noah’s Ark and the other God Made Rainbows!
Which can both be found:

Then we have a writing your verse and prism from:
I am uncertain where we found the cloud there on the right flap
I think maybe this ladies site:

To the right in this picture we have the flap there with the Rainbow worksheet from:
The sun, cloud picture came from here:
That is felt to the left cut into squares and my daughter and I glued on like a layer book.
She has other worksheets and a rainbow craft done but, not shown.
This is the End or Back of her Rainbow lapbook,
We took the left over picture from the cover and glued it to the back
and then I allowed my daughter to take our extra felt and glue randomly to the back.
Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of my daughter working on this one because we both were working so diligently together and having fun we never thought of it.

This below is our Rainbow Math game.
We discovered it from here:
Gnomes and Gnumbers: A Mathematical Tale
This wonderful lady is writing a Math Gnome story and we printed up the first 4 stories and lessons and it just so happened Lesson Three tied in with our whole Rainbow theme and Lapbook.
We are going to use Skittles next. (Fun Edible Math).
We are hoping to make the Rainbow Cake tomorrow to complete our fun learning.
Rainbow Directions can be found here:
I want to especially Thank these ladies for their blogs to help make our Rainbow Lapbook Fun and interesting.
Carisa from 1+1+1=1 blogspot:
My Home of 5:
School in ‘R Home:
And Most of Valerie over at Lapbooklessons She is Wonderful and Talented:
And Elizabeth for here site Serendipity for the Gnomes Math and More:
These ladies are absolutely wonderful and their blogs are the best you must visit them!
We read some books suggested from other mom’s but, these two we used to explain how a Rainbow happens. I hope these extra two books may help you.
Weather Around You RAIN (Weekly Reader) By: Anita Ganeri
The Kids’ Book of Clouds & Sky By: Frank Staub (we went to the section on Rainbows)
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