Pocket Planner

Hi Everyone,
Well here’s another lapbook.
But, this one I made for myself.
Created this lapbook and called it Princess Mission Correspondence.
But, I felt my daughter wasn’t ready for a lapbook like that with all the copywork she does but, I thought I love the way it folds and I sure could use a lapbook like that. (easy to carry around in my purse or bag).
So, I call it “Mom’s Pocket Planner.”
Below is Valerie’s Video of how to make the Princess Mission Correspondence Lapbook.
Here is My Pocket Planner.
When I put mine together I put a rubber band around it to hold it all together and then this you may find funny but, I put it on my desk chair put a piece of notebook paper on top (so I wouldn’t get glue on my hiney or you can sandwich it in the notebook paper) and I sat it on it for awhile. 🙂
This is the front, I have thought about putting a picture or photo on the front with my title “Mom’s Pocket Planner.”
I have also thought of using a velcro strap instead of the ribbon but, it does work for now.

In this next photo below are the first section but, mine are labeled:
Calendar–and I print up a calendar from http://www.first-school.ws/ fold it and slide it into the pocket.
The right pocket there I have it titled Programs and Activities:
any brochures, or schedules for programs I fold and slip them into this pocket.
This third picture below you can see how I lift up the flap and my papers there.

In this next photo below I just show you how they are put together.
I not only glued mine together but, added staples for mommy wear and tear.

This is my second section of pockets and in this section I keep scrap paper that will fit perfectly into this pocket. (I titled it Thoughts and Ideas).
This way I can jot things down if I am out and about that I need or would like to remember.
On the right side pocket is another calendar but, it’s a blank calendar, from http://www.first-school.ws/ no holidays are on this one just squares and dates.
I fold this one and put it in the pocket titled Lessons Plans.
I write my lessons plans or things for school on this blank calendar or assignment sheet, lesson plan sheet whatever you call yours.
I have or try to have a monthly lesson plan and I write them in pencil so I can change and erase if needed.
It’s a glance of what to do!

My last section of pockets are receipts on the left.
I have a bad habit of stocking my wallet or purse with receipts this way they are stored here and organized and out of the way.
To the right pocket or last pocket is other/misc.
Right now I have photos of my kiddos and hubby in there and our pets.
This way I share with someone I run into about something I am talking about such as what is a lapbook, or one of my son’s cakes, or our pets or whatever.
It brings in conversation if the pocket planner doesn’t. LOL

This is the back of my pocket planner.
You can see in this picture how I fed my ribbon through.
I can also decorate the back if I so desire.
These uinque looking folders I found at a store near us called: “Big Lots.”
They were really cheap and different.

SO overall if you wanted to make your very own pocket planner, wacth the video how Valerie folded hers and then you add the titles and uniqueness to it that fits your daily needs and plans.


Link to us so we can see your lapbooks too!
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