Math Lapbook (mini office)

Hello There Friends, Visitors and Readers,
Well, I stumbled upon a different kind of lapbooking this week.
What is a Mini Office?
A sort of lapbook with the child’s own reference pages well, you can read it all at the above website.
I am going to share our Math Lapbook the kids call it (or our Math Mini Office).
I am going to try and include all the links where we found our pages to include in our Math lapbook, it’s actually a Math Review Lapbook for us.
It’s based on grades say around Kindergarten up through 2nd or 3rd grade depending on where child maybe.
Although perhaps some items we included would be something you are looking for in helping your child learn that or you may think yeah, I want my child to learn that soon.
Then there may be some items we didn’t include that perhaps you can leave us a comment, that you included that and you thought we might like it for our next Math Lapbook or Mini office.
Okay here it goes:
We took 3 file folders the larger legal size and glued them together no folding involved.
In this first photo below is our outside we didn’t make a cover we just used everything to add all that we wanted to review or add.
The top printable ruler we found here:
The second ruler or the one below we found here:
The number line at the bottom it actually goes along the whole outside of the 3 folders which you will see in full view later in another photo.
That number line was found here:
This next photo is a sheet protector taped to the other side or front cover or back cover however you wish to preceive that.
I found the tally mark worksheet that I put in the sheet protector here:
On the flip side of the sheet protector is the graphing sheet:
At the bottom is the number line I shared above that goes around the outside.

When you finally open it in this next picture below, you get to this section on the left there we have fact families:
There’s that number line again at the bottom.
On the right there you have the addition and subtraction charts (we also have the multiplication charts and division under the tally mark worksheet above in the sheet protector which you see in a picture below).
The charts can be found here:

In this next picture below we have a small hundreds chart filled in and one blank.
The blank one is laminated (with packaging tape) for erase wipe off for 1-100 or missing numbers.
Those charts can be found here:
The days of the week and months of the year can be found here:
The math symbols can be found: *you will have to look around a bit sorry!
If you move over to the right there we have shapes which can be found here:
Order words are on the above page.
The frogs are on the site above called teaching heart.
The Roman Numerals chart is:
Then the pie shapes there next to the order words and above the frogs are laminated with packaging tape to be done again and again for that fraction practice and I have them on one of those brad things, those pies can be found here:

In this next photo here below we have on the right money:
Below that is what does the items on the money mean or the money facts:
That takes care of the middle there.
Now if you move over there to the way right you have place value practice:
The place value sheet was found here:
Below that is measurment in cups, pints and so forth worksheet which can be found here:
Now we laminated this one so that it can be erased and redone:

In this picture below it’s just showing you the whole outside open.
You can see our addition and subtraction charts, our rulers, tally mark with items on the other side and underneath, our fact families and our number line clearly at the bottom there.

This picture below is how it looks if the child were to use it a full view so to speak.

This is just the middle or before you get to the inside again just so you can see what a child sees.

And again, the tally mark sheet easy and eraseable, ruler for learning that measurement and number line. The outside front and back cover.

The picture I mentioned above the multiplication chart and division chart under the sheet protector and the graphing on the other side of the sheet protector.

I do believe that concludes our Math Mini Office or Math Review Lapbook.

Now there are some items I didn’t get to include and thought of either making another or adding in there somehow and here’s what I felt I forgot to add and really need to:

Words to Numbers –writing those numbers to words and words to numbers.
Calendar Sheets
Word Problems more of them having to do with adding, subtracting and measurment.
Using the math symbols although we can do that on a piece of paper seperate or use our addition and subtraction lapbooks for that.
Even and Odd
The Clock Face–This I feel is really important for me to add to this one so I probably will put in here somewhere somehow.
If you think of anything we forgot that you think perhaps is something we should have please leave us a link that to that worksheet, page or site.

Also, here are a couple other sites we found while putting ours together that may be useful to you in helping you put yours together: –fun free stuff to print/worksheets etc. –fractions slicing the pie –The Ruler Game learning how to read that ruler. –Funbrain learning to read the ruler game.
I hope the information here inspires you to create your Math Review Lapbook or Mini Office.
3 Lapbooks in One Video:
The Math Mini office, Whale (incomplete but, neat)
and our Butterfly Lapbook (although in this video the Butterfly lapbook was not finished so please visit the link below to see the completed Butterfly Lapbook)
Thanks For Visiting~
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