Ladybug Lapbook

Welcome to our Barracudas Lapbooks!
*On HOLD*–We will be back with our Ladybug Lapbook in September upon receiving the Larvae.
This is the Ladybug Land Habitat (We received a letter from the company today July 21st on our Ladybug Larvae and it’s delayed due to the weather they are having in their area so we won’t be able to receive the ladybug Larvae until after
September 1st, 2008)
We are going to go ahead and finish putting our Ladybug Lapbook together this month July and show it to you and how we put it together.
Come back In September to see the true Ladybug photos.
Image Hosted by
Bumblebee’s Ladybug Lapbook is coming together!
Image Hosted by
Our Ladybug Lapbook Video!
The Lapbook hasn’t been worked in yet but, it’s put together.
We work it thoroughly in September due to the delay.

Hello Faithful Readers, Visitors and those who would like to make a ladybug lapbook…
Okay due to copyright laws I cannot post the templates I edited they are not owned by me I just edited them for our purposes.
So what you need to do is visit their free template section and you can edit and make your own as well. (adding what you like or need on the template for your lapbook).
We also visited homeschool share this section for some templates to the grouchy ladybug
We visited abc teach for the Garden Counting Game:
I do believe the Grouchy ladybug clock we found here:
The itsy bitsy book we edited from and made it our own.
The life cycle in the pockets was from
That pretty much is our ladybug lapbook! Basic templates printed or edited for the learning enjoyment and fun!
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