Our Kitten Cat Lapbook

My daughter and I finished our Kitten Cat Lapbook Today December 8th, 2008
We are trying to put a finishing touch to all our incomplete lapbooks we have laying around from pervious studies.
We found Our Kitten Cat Lapbook at:

We put a twist on our Kitten Cat Lapbook…
See the children and I were inspired to create this lapbook
because we became foster parents for our APL.
We received 4 kittens approx. 2 weeks old in or around September 28th, 2008
We were blessed to have them for two months returning them 2 days before Thanksgiving 2008; for the APL didn’t even know if any of them would make it.
What inspiration, and God blessing challenge for us.
To set all your minds at ease all 4 did make it and are wonderful healthy kittens.

With that said…
Our Daughter putting the finishing touches in the Kitten Cat Lapbook
All 4 children and I learned together in making this lapbook
It all came together by first hand experience and learning…
We sure do miss the kittens now and are excited after the holidays
to receive another set.
We are hoping to go visit them at the APL (now that we have a vehicle to go do so).

Some FAQ’s We have been Asked About Being Foster/Rescue Parents:

I have been asked was it hard?

Yes, it was very hard to foster the kittens, one we all didn’t know much about taking care of abandoned kittens, the apl gave us some training then we read the kitten milk cans and then we searched online and went to the bookstore to find a really great book to help us learn. (next time won’t be so hard in that area)


It is also hard because as much as you don’t want to let yourself get attached you cannot help it, you do.

Were you allowed to name the kittens?

Yes, the APL allowed us to name them being they didn’t know if they would live or die that is usually the situation when they get kittens.

Don’t you think it’s bad for your children to see or experience the animal or animals you are fostering/rescue die?

No, I do not. death is very much apart of life, we cannot run from it or hide from it.

I would much rather my children see death and experience death in this fashion so when it happens they maybe a little more prepared for it.

What inspired you to be a Foster Parent?

Two things inspired my family to become foster parents and rescue–One my dear Friend Rainbows:


Also, having to put down our German Shepherd in April 2008 it really inspired us and our 12yo son to be apart of animals lives and to rescue and protect them and learn as much as we can about them.

Was it hard taking the kittens back for you or the children?

Yes, it was. The first time we thought we were leaving them we all cried the night before and into the next day. But, we ended up taking them back home for another month.

But, when the day finally came 2 days before Thanksgiving we agreed we were not going to cry at the apl but, when we got home we all cried, we all fell in love with them but, we know that their are more kittens that will need to be loved, rescued and fostered.

What is the hardest part about taking them back?

Leaving them and not knowing whom they go to.

Do you miss them still?

Yes, we hope when we go visit they will be still be there so we can hello.

Why do people foster, rescue these abandon kittens or animals, I mean not to be cruel but, if we are over come with cats or stray cats or other animals why don’t we just leave them?

Because it’s wrong and we are the type of people we can’t turn our backs away.

But, they just may die anyway?

True that is very true that a kitten or other animal that we are fostering/rescue may die but, if we tried, fed it, gave it our best and loved it for that period it was alive then we did exactly what God wanted us to do.

Yeah, But we don’t even know where this kitten or cat or other animal will end up why do Foster them?

That is true I do not know nor do my children if these particular 4 kittens that we fostered will end up in good homes but, I believe we my family did the right thing for God, no those kittens didn’t ask to be saved but, they were.

God gave them to us for a short time and even though we don’t know what is going to happen to these lovely kittens we did what God wanted us to do, TO Serve, to be blessed ourselves for a short time by these lovely little creatures, his creation.

If you had a choice or could would you have kept them all?

Yes!!! I Sure Would!!

If you have any FAQ’s that I may be able to answer

please leave us a comment or email us.


Do you rescue other peoples animals outside the APL?

That depends.

Two weeks before we received the kittens from the APL my husbands brother in law and his wife asked us to rescue their two guinea pigs so we did and still have them today. (I am thankful we did–their living habitat was horrible and they are so much happier now).

Video Coming Soon!


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