Awana-Sparks-HangGlider “Half Lapbook”

I hope everyone is having a good school year.
We have had thoughts of this lapbook or that lapbook some have stayed and actually became lapbooks and some have not and are just ideas or thoughts that may come about.
Some as you can see are on hold until summer due to circumstances or things changed and or hopefully will be finished before the end of the school year.
Our character lapbook we haven’t made great progress in because our lapbooks that we have been working on this year have taken us longer than anticipated.
We spent much time on our daughter’s Butterfly lapbook so then our praying mantis didn’t happen so hoping we will devote more time to that one next year.
Our ladybug larvae did not arrive so that one just was put into the bin for obvious reasons.
Also some lapbooks our daughter has just lost interest in and then she expressed that she didn’t like the size of the lapbooks.
At first I was confused (to many items and she was overwhelmed) but, that wasn’t it she said they were to tall to big. So I borrowed Carisa’s idea at 1+1+1=1 blogspot on her TOT-Books.
Being that my daughter is 5yo and not a TOT, I just used the half lapbook size but, still added items and information to her learning level.
So Instead of calling it a Tot-Book for her I just call it a
“Half Lapbook”
Yes, simple but that’s what it is just half the size but, still same great info.
I decided to try and make her a half lapbook for Awana’s.
She is in Sparks this year and is having a hard time remembering all that she learns so what better way to help her remember but, taking the great information condensing it into a half lapbook for her.
So I am making her a HangGlider Half Lapbook, making each section as we go through each week.
This is her HangGider Half Lapbook (cover)

Image Hosted by

Here’s our daughter working on a section of her HangGlider book in her Half Lapbook Format:

Image Hosted by

The First Section of the book I used: –Templates for verses, God poem, and our own picture of creation.

I made our own My God Created Mini Book and Pocket

Second section templates from

I couldn’t find the ones we used but, these ones are actually better if you ask me and will probably use these in the future:

We took a piece of apple not sure of the coloring page but, sure you could find one.

Noah’s Ark Section-we used the Noah’s Ark Mini book from

The Rainbow and Ark pictures are from here:

I found the song The Wise Man Builit his House Upon the Rock and included that into her lapbook.

Tower of babel:

The memory verse I edited and put on this page:

The Tower of Babel Craft:*zobAUWHh3Gi54/LBTowerCraftVerse.pdf

God Mixed up the Languages template:

In it I enclosed her verse John 14:6 in Pig Latin and Spanish.

I also included a template for Onomatopoeia Words.

A Look at Her HangGlider Lapbook as of 12/07/08

More Sections to Come!

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2 Responses to Awana-Sparks-HangGlider “Half Lapbook”

  1. April says:

    Oh my Gosh! My daughter is a Spark and this is her first year of Awana! I love this idea but have no idea where to begin. Look forward to see more on this!

  2. Jen C. says:

    I recently ran across this and thought it would be a great idea for my Sparky. Did you ever finish the book? Where did you get the HangGlider graphic for the front?

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