The Story About Ping Lapbook

Hi Lapbookers,
Our Refreshed Ping Lapbook Video:
This is The Story About Ping Lapbook by Marjorie Flack.
We actually started it 4th Quarter of last school year 2007-2008 to see if Five In A Row would work for us, we discovered it would but, didn’t want to drop the curriculum we were in at the time so, now we are ready to use Five In A Row starting school year Oct. 2008-2009.
My daughter and I are picking Ping Lapbook back up from the beginning and we will be expanding on it as well as making a Lapbook for each book in the Five In A Row Volume 1, including or putting each subject in the lapbook.
This particular lapbook was put together from items from:
So with that all said we would like to go ahead and use our
I started searching for the Ping Lapbook online to gather and refresh new ideas, and expand on what we are already have and I found this website
I was also inspired to add more to our Ping Lapbook from this Lady Loni from Lapbook Lessons:

Other sites we use on the web I will link you to if possible.
(The EXPANDED VERSION will be in a video format below).
This is still the Cover of Our Ping Lapbook
a copy was made of the book cover on a colored copier.

*(all this info below is still correct) In this picture below we have some images/photos from the web, I just did a search on the left flap there for Yangtze River.
Or you can find some clip art or images here:

To the right on the right flap on the green paper is Swimming Safety Rules we found and printed off of a website. Although you probably could find something else typing in water safety.

The Sun wheel I pieced together myself down there on the right flap. I used this site to do that.

When you open the left flap is our science bouyancy, I found that here: (I decorated around this flap now)
So as you can see we have included science, health and weather/science for how the sun rises and sets.

(Below is pretty much the same I just took extra pieces and made ping better on the front and added templates for facts which you can see in the video).

In the center here we took this coloring page saved it, opened it and snagged it (1 duck), then pasted in paint and edited it in Paint creating 16-20 ducks per page to make Ping’s Family.
We printed up 68 ducks total.
We used these to count (Math) Pings Family.
To get to the boat.
We numbered them and labeled them Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters etc.
To get to the Wise Eyed Boat.

We used this boat from here: cutting off what we didn’t need for this story.

Or you can use this boat from here again cutting off what you don’t need for this story:

Here’s the other inner flap so you can see the rest of Ping’s Family.

(Again below is pretty much the same just a couple templates added for information)

This is the right side of the lapbook covering Bible Verses
We found our Bible Verse Pocket from here:
and printed it up on colored cardstock.
We used Bible Verses from here:
We printed them all storing them in the Bible Verse pocket but, focusing on the ones on discipline for the Story of Ping.
The China map below we used from:
My daughter and I are just going to use the instructions that come with the map.
We have the map glued into a trifold template that I edited and put Ping on the cover with the words where does Ping Live?
So on the second side left flap we have Bible and Social Studies.
In the center there we have a yellow triangle that folds it’s also a template that I edited and added what is Ping? What does Ping eat? and What kind of Habitat does ping live in? (Some more science).
Then on the pink paper on a square template from:
Lapbook resources section I edited the template and put this poem from here on it:
I printed the poem up on pink card stock and that is a little of Language arts.
I added more photos from the web search.

Then where the poem and yellow triangle is, it flips, it’s a flap..and on the other side..
Is my daughter’s Bible Verse to write. (I laminated the bible verses to write to make them erase wipe).
I made those myself at
I used one of the verses in the Bible Verse pocket.
To the right in the yellow envelopes are Sequence Match and Sequencing Story cards you can use them together or just use the bottom ones to put the story in order.
I found those sequencing cards here: (These I removed and used in the expanded area of the lapbook which you will be able to see in the video).

(These items below are all still the same).

To the left there underneath her Bible Verse Handwriting she has a picture to color
it’s Duck in Chinese from:
When you open the right flap underneath those sequencing cards we have.
China’s Flag and we found that here with instructions to use on the flag:
Below the flag is a template that has been edited to say Fiction or Non-fiction?
She will write a definition with mom of course what is what?
We found the template here:
The New Words below I printed up on pink cardstock and cut out and put a brad in them and we will write new words to her, so her words are fairly easy ones or ones I think she should know from the story.
That template was found here:
I am not certain where exactly I found the recipe pocket, I know it was homeschool share but, I am not certain under which book but, here is a template you can use.
I printed ours up on pink cardstock and I found some recipes from dltk kids one for peanut butter clay, playdough and chinese moon cakes, we also have the cookbook that goes along with the five in a row volume. (Recipes were found here)
I found the capital template from here:
I found the Are we there yet? From here but, I did edit ours to say continent to continent instead of country to country.

I hope you can see how we are trying to add as many subjects to our Five In A Row Lapbooks as we can such as Math, Science, Social Studies, Art,
Bible, Handwriting and Language Arts trying to cover all major subjects for her to learn in one really great book that she can take anywhere and do anywhere over and over again.

My daughter and I are also going to print up the Map of Land of Make Believe from here:
They also have many other items to print from this site to use with your Five In A Row.
Homeschool share has a few other things to use with your Ping Lapbook and or use in your ping lapbook:
My daughter and I are going to print up the Hurry! Ping Game. (which we added to the expanded section).

We also added a pocket to our lapbook to store here paperback book of The Story of Ping we purchased her from Borders for 3.99

This is still the back cover of her lapbook.

A Refreshed Video Coming Soon!

If you have any questions just comment or email,

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  1. Is Eight Enough? says:

    Thank you for coming by my site!!! We have just completed our first lap book – the Iditarod. The younger boys all really enjoyed themselves. I am thinking when our children come home I will have enough for a small school – 7 under the age of 12! I might just do a Lapbook School!! LOL!! Might be easier than trying to do anything formal – not that I ever do much formal *smile*. Blessings, Justine

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