Ladybug Lapbook

Welcome to our Barracudas Lapbooks!
*On HOLD*–We will be back with our Ladybug Lapbook in September upon receiving the Larvae.
This is the Ladybug Land Habitat (We received a letter from the company today July 21st on our Ladybug Larvae and it’s delayed due to the weather they are having in their area so we won’t be able to receive the ladybug Larvae until after
September 1st, 2008)
We are going to go ahead and finish putting our Ladybug Lapbook together this month July and show it to you and how we put it together.
Come back In September to see the true Ladybug photos.
Image Hosted by
Bumblebee’s Ladybug Lapbook is coming together!
Image Hosted by
Our Ladybug Lapbook Video!
The Lapbook hasn’t been worked in yet but, it’s put together.
We work it thoroughly in September due to the delay.

Hello Faithful Readers, Visitors and those who would like to make a ladybug lapbook…
Okay due to copyright laws I cannot post the templates I edited they are not owned by me I just edited them for our purposes.
So what you need to do is visit their free template section and you can edit and make your own as well. (adding what you like or need on the template for your lapbook).
We also visited homeschool share this section for some templates to the grouchy ladybug
We visited abc teach for the Garden Counting Game:
I do believe the Grouchy ladybug clock we found here:
The itsy bitsy book we edited from and made it our own.
The life cycle in the pockets was from
That pretty much is our ladybug lapbook! Basic templates printed or edited for the learning enjoyment and fun!
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Butterfly Lapbook

My Daughter’s Butterfly Lapbook!
Here She is holding her Butterfly Lapbook and Wearing Her Butterfly Mask.
(one of her Many Butterfly art projects)

Our Daughter’s Butterfly Mobile!
Image Hosted by
The Butterfly Lapbook and Butterfly File Folder Game!
Caterpillar Counting Game from
The Lord’s prayer mini book
My itsy bitsy letter B book
Life cycle, Bible Copywork on front from
The other bible verse
Butterfly two letter sight wods books
Yellow Butterfly pocket coloring page printed on yellow cardstock.
The Opposite Butterflies resized and opposite words added from
The other templates from
The coloring pages
To make the Butterfly journal cardstock, Butterfly coloring page and coloring pages to add in.
Other life cycle and Caterpillar beginning sounds from
Painted Butterfly lady bug book from
Symmetry is a Butterfly coloring page.
Our File Folder Game:
We used 2 Legal Size File Folders
1 Dice
Brainquest question (at child’s age level)
My daughter playing her Butterfly Game with mom and I take
a minute to snap the picture.
Image Hosted by
My 10yo Miah taking his turn at playing the Butterfly game
with mom and I took a minute to snap a picture.
Image Hosted by
Photos of our Painted Lady Butterflies!
This one didn’t want to leave but, loved getting photographed, which was
beneficial to our learning, holding and enjoyment!
Image Hosted by
Here I am showing my daughter that the Butterfly can’t hurt you and bringing
this beautiful Painted Lady Butterfly out of the haibitat.
Image Hosted by
Here is our daughter holding a Butterfly for the first time!
Image Hosted by
She asked me “How come she won’t fly away?”
I told her “She must love you holding her and maybe she wants to be photographed.”

Image Hosted by

The boys had 2 friends over today from Soccer Camp to go swimming (that are homeschooled also)
and we let each of the boys hold the Butterfly that wouldn’t fly away.
Here one of the boys handing it to one of my boys.

Image Hosted by

The last photograph before this lovely Painted Lady Butterfly decided it was time to fly away!
It was nice everyone was able to hold her and look at her.
Bye Butterfly!
Image Hosted by
My daughter asked “Why do we have to let her go?”
I replied “So she can do all that worked we talked about.”
Our Wall Mount Removable Butterflies above the Erase Wipe Board,
From the dollar store.
Image Hosted by
The Picture Below:
Our Daughter thought this was absolutely Beautiful from the dollar store.
Image Hosted by
Also her Butterfly Poster we purchased at the dollar with a plant poster
both for 1.06
How lucky was that?
Image Hosted by
Since our Bug Theme is a on going through til Aug. 2008
I am sure you will see more Butterfly items added and Bug Items added
throughout our Summer Lapbooks.
Hi There Folks, it’s Thursday July 24th, 2008 and we had a Butterfly Program Today!
We have more butterfly stuff for you!!
We went to a program at the library today, being we are still doing the catch the reading bug theme….
We were learning more about Butterflies but, this time Monarch Butterflies.
We learned today that we didn’t know….
Just before they pupate, monarch larvae spin a silk mat from which they hang upside down. The silk comes from the spinneret on the bottom of the head. As it sheds its skin for the last time, the caterpillar stabs a stem into the silk pad to hang. This stem extends from its rear end and is called the cremaster.
We also learned that Butterflies hear with their Knees….??
They taste with their feet and feel with their antenna’s. (we heard of this but, didn’t remember).
We also learned that when the Monarch Butterfly is ready to emerge the pupae will be clear and you will be able to see the wings inside…unlike the painted Ladies you cannot.
We also learned and seen how tiny the eggs really are…..
We also were given some Butterfly sites that everyone else may want to visit…
Monarch Butterfly Journey North:
You can purchase from here also the lady we purchased from at the library:
Here’s Our Monarch we bought at the Library program today July 24th, 2008

Image Hosted by

We also learned today….

Female Monarch! (Female monarchs have darker veins on their wings).
Image Hosted by
Male Monarch! ( have a spot in the center of each hindwing).Image Hosted by
The Viceroy! How can you tell?Image Hosted by
(The Viceroy Butterfly has a similar size, color, and pattern, but can be distinguished by an extra black stripe across the hindwing.)
Okay I am so bummed!
The kids and I missed the Monarch Butterfly emerging from her Cocoon…
I can’t believe it!
Then when we went to release her after 24 hours we had her because she needed to go find food before she starved to death she flew away before Bumblebee could really hold her….
So next year we will do Monarch’s again making a Monarch Butterfly Lapbook and hopefully learn more and have better educational results although we did receive a email about Monarch’s and learned a little that way.
Here is a picture of Our Monarch Female that flew away very quickly!
Bumblebee named her Bumblegum!
Image Hosted by
She was absolutely beautiful!!
Visit Our Barracuda Site for the day we visited the Butterfly Garden:
Our Bumblebee and her Brothers went to a Butterfly and Beatle Mounting Workshop.
(Sorry date stamp is wrong, this we did on Aug. 2nd, 2008)
Image Hosted by
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Pocket Planner

Hi Everyone,
Well here’s another lapbook.
But, this one I made for myself.
Created this lapbook and called it Princess Mission Correspondence.
But, I felt my daughter wasn’t ready for a lapbook like that with all the copywork she does but, I thought I love the way it folds and I sure could use a lapbook like that. (easy to carry around in my purse or bag).
So, I call it “Mom’s Pocket Planner.”
Below is Valerie’s Video of how to make the Princess Mission Correspondence Lapbook.
Here is My Pocket Planner.
When I put mine together I put a rubber band around it to hold it all together and then this you may find funny but, I put it on my desk chair put a piece of notebook paper on top (so I wouldn’t get glue on my hiney or you can sandwich it in the notebook paper) and I sat it on it for awhile. 🙂
This is the front, I have thought about putting a picture or photo on the front with my title “Mom’s Pocket Planner.”
I have also thought of using a velcro strap instead of the ribbon but, it does work for now.

In this next photo below are the first section but, mine are labeled:
Calendar–and I print up a calendar from fold it and slide it into the pocket.
The right pocket there I have it titled Programs and Activities:
any brochures, or schedules for programs I fold and slip them into this pocket.
This third picture below you can see how I lift up the flap and my papers there.

In this next photo below I just show you how they are put together.
I not only glued mine together but, added staples for mommy wear and tear.

This is my second section of pockets and in this section I keep scrap paper that will fit perfectly into this pocket. (I titled it Thoughts and Ideas).
This way I can jot things down if I am out and about that I need or would like to remember.
On the right side pocket is another calendar but, it’s a blank calendar, from no holidays are on this one just squares and dates.
I fold this one and put it in the pocket titled Lessons Plans.
I write my lessons plans or things for school on this blank calendar or assignment sheet, lesson plan sheet whatever you call yours.
I have or try to have a monthly lesson plan and I write them in pencil so I can change and erase if needed.
It’s a glance of what to do!

My last section of pockets are receipts on the left.
I have a bad habit of stocking my wallet or purse with receipts this way they are stored here and organized and out of the way.
To the right pocket or last pocket is other/misc.
Right now I have photos of my kiddos and hubby in there and our pets.
This way I share with someone I run into about something I am talking about such as what is a lapbook, or one of my son’s cakes, or our pets or whatever.
It brings in conversation if the pocket planner doesn’t. LOL

This is the back of my pocket planner.
You can see in this picture how I fed my ribbon through.
I can also decorate the back if I so desire.
These uinque looking folders I found at a store near us called: “Big Lots.”
They were really cheap and different.

SO overall if you wanted to make your very own pocket planner, wacth the video how Valerie folded hers and then you add the titles and uniqueness to it that fits your daily needs and plans.


Link to us so we can see your lapbooks too!
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R-A-I-N-B-O-W Lapbook (Los Arco Iris)

Hi Folks!
My 4 year old daughter and I finished her Rainbow Lapbook Today.
First I want to Thank the ladies who had their Rainbow lapbooks up and done it really helped my daughter and myself.
Our first Rainbow Lapbook failed completely and once she saw a rainbow then she really took a interest so ours is really late getting up here but, Thankful we did do it.
This is the cover of the Lapbook.
She wrote the word Rainbow and I wrote “The Rainbow” in Spanish.
We found this picture for our cover
Or Visit this ladies Website for other Pages:
When you open up her lapbook you see umbrellas there.
I found a coloring page and my 17yo son edited it for us so we could have 7 little ones.
On the front they are colored and she wrote the color word and on the back mom wrote the spanish word for each color, our children are learning spanish we actually have been trying to learn for some time now.
There on the right The ROYGBIV we got from here:
What we did though when you open it all the way which I should have shown you we I made, I had her color the squares on the left and then on the right she has a velcro color match game.
I made the squares in paint for the match game. (which you can kind of see hanging out there).
Below that is a template we got from here:
We wrote in it how a Rainbow is made.

When you open this half you see A Rainbow of Colors pages one on the left flap and one on the right those are from:
My daughter really loves the songs (our boys did too actually).
In the center is The Color Wheel from here:
Below that is our Complementary flowers and Sir Isaac Newton info. which we got from here Lapbooklessons (valerie):
My daughter pasted a blue piece of felt she said that was her favorite color that it’s in the rainbow and if pink would have been in there it would have been that instead.

To the left is the Color Song book again from:
Then on the right flap there is a rainbow I drew for my daughter and wrote Los Arco Iris.
Below that is a Mini Book Pocket from:
I just edited it in paint for it to say Mini books which again I should have shown you, we have two mini books in there one Noah’s Ark and the other God Made Rainbows!
Which can both be found:

Then we have a writing your verse and prism from:
I am uncertain where we found the cloud there on the right flap
I think maybe this ladies site:

To the right in this picture we have the flap there with the Rainbow worksheet from:
The sun, cloud picture came from here:
That is felt to the left cut into squares and my daughter and I glued on like a layer book.
She has other worksheets and a rainbow craft done but, not shown.
This is the End or Back of her Rainbow lapbook,
We took the left over picture from the cover and glued it to the back
and then I allowed my daughter to take our extra felt and glue randomly to the back.
Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of my daughter working on this one because we both were working so diligently together and having fun we never thought of it.

This below is our Rainbow Math game.
We discovered it from here:
Gnomes and Gnumbers: A Mathematical Tale
This wonderful lady is writing a Math Gnome story and we printed up the first 4 stories and lessons and it just so happened Lesson Three tied in with our whole Rainbow theme and Lapbook.
We are going to use Skittles next. (Fun Edible Math).
We are hoping to make the Rainbow Cake tomorrow to complete our fun learning.
Rainbow Directions can be found here:
I want to especially Thank these ladies for their blogs to help make our Rainbow Lapbook Fun and interesting.
Carisa from 1+1+1=1 blogspot:
My Home of 5:
School in ‘R Home:
And Most of Valerie over at Lapbooklessons She is Wonderful and Talented:
And Elizabeth for here site Serendipity for the Gnomes Math and More:
These ladies are absolutely wonderful and their blogs are the best you must visit them!
We read some books suggested from other mom’s but, these two we used to explain how a Rainbow happens. I hope these extra two books may help you.
Weather Around You RAIN (Weekly Reader) By: Anita Ganeri
The Kids’ Book of Clouds & Sky By: Frank Staub (we went to the section on Rainbows)
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Math Lapbook (mini office)

Hello There Friends, Visitors and Readers,
Well, I stumbled upon a different kind of lapbooking this week.
What is a Mini Office?
A sort of lapbook with the child’s own reference pages well, you can read it all at the above website.
I am going to share our Math Lapbook the kids call it (or our Math Mini Office).
I am going to try and include all the links where we found our pages to include in our Math lapbook, it’s actually a Math Review Lapbook for us.
It’s based on grades say around Kindergarten up through 2nd or 3rd grade depending on where child maybe.
Although perhaps some items we included would be something you are looking for in helping your child learn that or you may think yeah, I want my child to learn that soon.
Then there may be some items we didn’t include that perhaps you can leave us a comment, that you included that and you thought we might like it for our next Math Lapbook or Mini office.
Okay here it goes:
We took 3 file folders the larger legal size and glued them together no folding involved.
In this first photo below is our outside we didn’t make a cover we just used everything to add all that we wanted to review or add.
The top printable ruler we found here:
The second ruler or the one below we found here:
The number line at the bottom it actually goes along the whole outside of the 3 folders which you will see in full view later in another photo.
That number line was found here:
This next photo is a sheet protector taped to the other side or front cover or back cover however you wish to preceive that.
I found the tally mark worksheet that I put in the sheet protector here:
On the flip side of the sheet protector is the graphing sheet:
At the bottom is the number line I shared above that goes around the outside.

When you finally open it in this next picture below, you get to this section on the left there we have fact families:
There’s that number line again at the bottom.
On the right there you have the addition and subtraction charts (we also have the multiplication charts and division under the tally mark worksheet above in the sheet protector which you see in a picture below).
The charts can be found here:

In this next picture below we have a small hundreds chart filled in and one blank.
The blank one is laminated (with packaging tape) for erase wipe off for 1-100 or missing numbers.
Those charts can be found here:
The days of the week and months of the year can be found here:
The math symbols can be found: *you will have to look around a bit sorry!
If you move over to the right there we have shapes which can be found here:
Order words are on the above page.
The frogs are on the site above called teaching heart.
The Roman Numerals chart is:
Then the pie shapes there next to the order words and above the frogs are laminated with packaging tape to be done again and again for that fraction practice and I have them on one of those brad things, those pies can be found here:

In this next photo here below we have on the right money:
Below that is what does the items on the money mean or the money facts:
That takes care of the middle there.
Now if you move over there to the way right you have place value practice:
The place value sheet was found here:
Below that is measurment in cups, pints and so forth worksheet which can be found here:
Now we laminated this one so that it can be erased and redone:

In this picture below it’s just showing you the whole outside open.
You can see our addition and subtraction charts, our rulers, tally mark with items on the other side and underneath, our fact families and our number line clearly at the bottom there.

This picture below is how it looks if the child were to use it a full view so to speak.

This is just the middle or before you get to the inside again just so you can see what a child sees.

And again, the tally mark sheet easy and eraseable, ruler for learning that measurement and number line. The outside front and back cover.

The picture I mentioned above the multiplication chart and division chart under the sheet protector and the graphing on the other side of the sheet protector.

I do believe that concludes our Math Mini Office or Math Review Lapbook.

Now there are some items I didn’t get to include and thought of either making another or adding in there somehow and here’s what I felt I forgot to add and really need to:

Words to Numbers –writing those numbers to words and words to numbers.
Calendar Sheets
Word Problems more of them having to do with adding, subtracting and measurment.
Using the math symbols although we can do that on a piece of paper seperate or use our addition and subtraction lapbooks for that.
Even and Odd
The Clock Face–This I feel is really important for me to add to this one so I probably will put in here somewhere somehow.
If you think of anything we forgot that you think perhaps is something we should have please leave us a link that to that worksheet, page or site.

Also, here are a couple other sites we found while putting ours together that may be useful to you in helping you put yours together: –fun free stuff to print/worksheets etc. –fractions slicing the pie –The Ruler Game learning how to read that ruler. –Funbrain learning to read the ruler game.
I hope the information here inspires you to create your Math Review Lapbook or Mini Office.
3 Lapbooks in One Video:
The Math Mini office, Whale (incomplete but, neat)
and our Butterfly Lapbook (although in this video the Butterfly lapbook was not finished so please visit the link below to see the completed Butterfly Lapbook)
Thanks For Visiting~
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Sight Word Lapbook

It has been a very long school year for us.
We have taken a break from lapbooking lately and I tried to get my children back into the groove and so far it isn’t happening.
But, My daughter and I have a ongoing “Lapbook” we have been working on for sometime and it’s part of her school work or curriculum.
It’s her Sight Word Lapbook.
We took a 3 prong folder and added 26 sheet protectors, 26 sheets of colored card stock and some flip flaps in the back for activities.
I thought this book would be a 2 month project for her well, us but it has turned out that I believe we will be coming back to this lapbook again and again even into her next school year which is a good thing right?
This picture below is the Cover: We made this on Microsoft word and then laminated
it with packaging tape.
This picture below is one of the 26 pages, as you can see it’s the letter A.
I am uncertain where now we found the letters in the center of the page but, I know we did a search.
For the sight words we found those at
The worksheets to the left there we are using are from
We are also using pictures from to make a picture book. (coming later).

This is just another page in the book so you could see what we have on the back page of letter A.
We have short A and pictures and long A.
Some pictures to go along with it.
To the right you can see letter B and sight words.
Below is just another page of 26 letters on the back of the consonant letters
we are trying to put something interesting such as Five Little Monkey’s for the Letter M.
On the back of letter T we have Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
So we are trying to include a nursery rhyme, finger play, song, poem, or a fable.

This is at the end of her 26 pages.
We added flaps so that we could include a activity or something to go along with each letter of the alphabet if possible.
For A she has a apron she can color, A baker fingerpuppet for B, in the pockets are supposed to be her flashcards for the letters and in the other is her Ant cycle. We don’t have all the flaps filled in yet that is why I do believe this will be another year book.
Here in the picture below you can see the flaps more clearly and
how we can add more activities back here.
Which is also the end of her Sight Word Lapbook.

Our 4 year old daughter this year has learned these letters
and we have made these lapbooks to go along with the letters. (which you can find in our archives).
Right now we are on a stand still but, we will pick back up again.
Short A-Ant Lapbook
Long A-Ape Lapbook
Letter A in general-Adam and Eve Lapbook
Also, Addition Lapbook
Letter B-Bible Lapbook
Letter T- Ten Commandments Lapbook
Letter M-Money Lapbook (the piggy bank on front)
Letter R-I Stink Lapbook (recycle)
Also, her Reading Lapbook
Short E-Elections Lapbook
Long E-Eagles Lapbook
Letter S-Subtraction Lapbook
Also, Her Sight Word Lapbook
Letter N-Noah Lapbook (she wants to make a new one of this one)
Letter D-Daniel Lapbook
Letter P-Penguin Lapbook
Short I-No Lapbook for this one yet
Long I-No Lapbook for this one yet
Letter L-Little House in the Big Woods (we tied this one in by accident)
Letter K- No Lapbook for this one yet
Letter F-No Lapbook for this one yet
Letter C-Creation Lapbooks
Letter H- No Lapbook for this one yet

Those are the letters and lapbooks we have made so far that went along with her letters this year.
I was thinking of making this Alphabet Lapbook with my daughter in the near future.

Please come back and visit soon we should have more letters done here by the end of the school year and maybe another lapbook or two.


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Resurrection Lapbook

This is our Resurrection Lapbook from
Someone mentioned to me how they felt Lapbooklessons was hard to move around and locate items and yes, if your not familiar with the new layout that can be very much so.
I suggest checking all links if you become a member such as Bible Crafts and also as well.
I have to say and I feel terribly bad but, our Resurrection Lapbook is as of right now not finished we are going to work on it Saturday but, I figured by showing it to you now, you would still have enough time to do yours if you wish.
It’s not finished because we didn’t have the opportunity to work on it lately things have been a little crazy around here but, you can read that at our Barracuda Homeschool site if you wish.
Let’s get on with the Lapbook
In this picture below is our Cover.
We didn’t fold it like you normally would instead
we made ours like a book you can flip the pages.
We made it this way due to all that we wanted to put in it and the games too.
As you can see we started to cover the cover.
This is pg. 1 and 2 of our lapbook
On the left we talked about Jesus dying (reading the Easter Story and why we celebrate Easter) We did do that and made a bulletin board.
Then we have our Easter Song and writing practice to laminate for our daughter.
This is pg. 3 and 4 of the Lapbook.
We have a recipe in the red pocket and plenty of room for more great Easter Recipes.
We have in there Resurrections Rolls.
Below that we have a puzzle of Jesus Risen.
On the other side is Jesus on the Donkey and we have the palm
leaves above to color, cut out and glue on that we found at also.

pgs. 5 and 6.
The cross on the left we are coloring in the same colors to go along
with the Jelly Bean Prayer.
When we do this we will also have some Jelly Belly’s to count.
On the right is How We Celebrate Easter and Our Jesus
and the tomb that he has risen that we will color together.

These are the two games that Valerie included in her
Resurrection lapbook and offers at the site also.
I printed up two of the crosses or enough for two players due
to my daughter’s age she is best playing with a one on one with games
right now because she hasn’t quite figured out games yet.
So this way she can just play a game with me or one brother at a time.

This is the pocket we store the extra game boards and pieces
for the second player.

On pg. 9 and 10.
We have Easter Bingo to the left there
and envelopes to hold our Easter Bingo Pieces and
Our cross math pieces for later in the book.

pg. 11 and 12
Have the Eggs that Valerie has and has put a brad
through each one, It’s really hard for me to get
them through without ripping them which I did
So, now I have to go print a whole page just for the one
I ripped so that is why this one section is unfinished here on the left.
On the right I want to add the symbols of Easter on the eggs with my daughter
and write what they mean.
When we turn the page again we have addition crosses
and they have these little cross bars located in the pocket on previous page
to match.

I wanted us to be unique so I added the subtraction crosses too.
And on the side flaps will be eggs that we can hide a picture under a
hide and seek game, like a Easter Egg hunt in a lapbook.

That concludes our very large fun lapbook that
we used a book lapbook and added to it.
I am sure there are spots we can add much more too if
we feel the need at anytime.
Below: Is the Back Cover that our daughter can color her own way.
Thanks for Visiting Our Lapbook Site!

We have a Whale Lapbook that we are currently working on to complete.


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